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Business Resources

  • Business Expenses
    Internal Revenue Service Business Forms and Publications Branch. Some of your business expenses may be in-IRS e-file.
  • Tax Information For Businesses
    Provides tax information and forms for U.S. businesses.
  • U.S. Business Advisor
    Billed as the one-stop electronic link to government for business, the U.S. Business Advisor is a collection of links to other government agencies. Topics include doing business with the government, international trade, finance, labor and employment, general business, and laws and regulations.
  • Buying An Existing Business or Franchise
  • Provides information for those who are looking to purchase an existing business or a franchise.

Government Resources

  • Internal Revenue Service
    Get the lowdown on current Federal tax regulations and other tax information at the Internal Revenue Services Web site, where you can also download tax forms and instructions. Its Small Business Corner offers advice on starting and operating your own business.
  • Federal Trade Commission
    Theres a mother lode of practical information here, including the Business Guidance section, with scores of downloadable business publications on topics ranging from advertising to e-commerce to telemarketing. The directory of regional offices will steer you to the nearest Better Business Bureau, Public Utilities Commissions, state consumer affairs and other agencies offices.
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration
    OSHAs pages provide a wealth of information related to the agencys workplace safety standards and regulations. You can search for OSHA regulatory rules, and delve into a number of other databases that include information such as recordkeeping guidelines, speeches and congressional testimony.
  • Library of Congress
    The two most useful areas at this site are Thomas, where you search for information about legislation, and the Copyright Office, where information about copyright law is available.

Tax Resources

  • The Motley Fool Tax Center
    The Motley Fool Death & Taxes Center. Learn about Death & Taxes with our How-to and 60-second guides.
  • Yahoo: Tax Center
    Taxes - Read latest articles and guides, try our comprehensive calculators, tools, and get advice at Yahoo! Finance
  • IRS Site Map
    This is the IRS site map for easy navigation of their site categories and links
  • Tax Guide for Small Business
    IRS information about taxes relevant for Small Businesses. A handy alphabetical index covering diverse topics aids effective navigation of this extremely useful publication.
  • AICPA - Capital News
    AICPA Capital News: At this section of the AICPA home page you can keep abreast of Federal and State Legislative and Regulatory News.